Jewelry is something we wear for decades or even longer.
Some jewels are passed down through the family for generations, and their lasting value is like a mysterious gift from the earth.
Therefore, we believe that high quality, highly skilled and precise techniques, in addition to the power of suggestion, are invaluable.
Our purpose and motivation is to bring happiness and joy to our customers’ lives through jewelry.
Our workshop is conveniently located inside our jewelry shop in Kurume City, Fukuoka.
We are available to discuss any requests regarding jewelry, including custom orders, jewelry modeling (modifications), wedding rings, engagement rings, resizing of rings, and repairs.

  • Our Pride – SUN JEWELRY

    Our Pride – SUN JEWELRY



    We discuss the designs that will meet the various needs of our customers. We help each customer to visualize their desired item by comparing various jewels and designs found in our showcases. We examine each jewel, even melee diamonds, closely, and provide only the very best, so that our customers can purchase our products with confidence.



    Each piece of jewelry is fabricated with time and care in our workshop.
    Our jewelry is renowned for its comfort and durability. This reputation comes from each piece being designed with the lasting enjoyment of the customer in mind. Our jewelry offers the graceful, premium feel that standardized, mass-produced products cannot.


    Latest Equipment

    Our jewelry shop is the first to introduce the latest 3D printing to the Kyushu area. Intricate designs, which cannot be manufactured by hand, can be accurately created with 3D printing technology. This allows for a variety of custom-made designs.

[address] 438-7 Zendojimachi Iida, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka 839-0824
[Business hours]10:30~18:30
[Closed]Wednesdays and every second Tuesday of the month
[Parking]5 parking spaces available